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We need more primary care doctors like you.

Thank you for helping with my adhd problem with an understanding and professional way.

Thanks for listening and not rushing me like previous doctors did.

"Thank you for giving my life back.  Not only did you help me with the physical aspect of weight loss & bariatric care but you helped me with the pyschological aspect."

“Dr. Charles Outz also impressed me with his care and humor.”

“Dear Charles, Thank you for your help with my medical problem this week. I know I’m having such a quick recovery because I got the right medicine so soon. I appreciate it. “

“Thanks! Seems like a small word for the great job you did. Thank you for the speedy, professional, and caring job.”

“I, as the patient, would like to thank you for your care of me. Thanks for showing us the x-rays and explaining them to us.”

“Charles, I wanted to write to you and thank you for helping me the other day with my eye. I haven’t been to a doctor in 15 years and wouldn’t know where to start if I needed one. What you did for me was very appreciated and I seem to be doing fine. Thanks again!”

“Thank you for taking care of prescriptions these past few months. You’ve been so helpful and so kind. I’m grateful.”

“Excellent service! Dr. Outz did a fine job. Thanks for this positive patient experience and for all you do.”

“Dr. Charles, thank you so much for the opportunity to shadow you. I had a very interesting time becoming familiar with the ER, and I enjoyed learning much more than I expected. Thank you for your time.”

“Thank you for taking care of me during my emergency! You were quick, compassionate and marvelously efficient!”

“Dr. Charles Outz is a real good doctor indeed. He is truly concerned for his patients wants and helps them with their every need.”

“Too often doctors have a bad reputation, whether deserved or not, but I like Dr. Charles Outz. He is one of the best.”

“Thanks for your compassionate and knowledgeable care. My most sincere thanks and appreciation.”

“Thanks to your expert care and treatment, plus my prescription, I regained my health and continued on our trip in fine fettle. Please accept our most sincere appreciation for your care, concern, and actions.”

“You pampered me back to stable over a four hour period. What a wonderful, passionate, personable, and professional people you all are!”

“Your eye-surround stitches and other handiwork were wonderful. I did not need to a plastic surgeon since you had such skilled hands.”